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World Vegetarian Day

World Vegetarian Day

Happy World Vegetarian Day! Here at ThinK we pride ourselves in being not just a vegetarian Prosecco, but an organic and vegan-friendly brand. 

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We are celebrating vegetarian day in style as we delve deeper into how and why we are vegan/vegetarian. We love to let the world know that we are vegan/vegetarian. But a lot of you might not know how special this really is in the Prosecco world - In fact, there are less vegetarian-friendly brands than you may initially think.

You may think that Prosecco and wine couldn’t possibly be anything other than vegetarian/vegan, but you could be mistaken. In fact, some Prosecco's and wines cannot be described as vegetarian, let alone vegan, due to the way they are processed.

During the production of Prosecco making, the liquid is drained through ‘fining agents’, which essentially removes unwanted particles, proteins and flavourings. Fining agents are often animal-derived products - things such as bone marrow, protein from egg whites and crustaceans are used to filter out the liquid in order to make Prosecco. 

However, here at ThinK, we grow our grapes organically in the rich soil in Treviso, Italy, using protein extracted from green peas in order to filter our wine, certifying us as a vegan/vegetarian friendly wine company. Our principals lie with the production of our wine, ensuring the taste of our grapes shine through in every sip, and aim to keep our products as naturally produced as possible.


We care about our health, as well as the planet and the creatures we share it with. We also LOVE Prosecco, so marrying the two gives us the best of both worlds! Because of this, we vow that this production does not hinder the luxury and taste of our wine and hope to always meet top quality standards. We position ourselves in between your standard Prosecco and high-end champagne, due to the quality and care we put into every bottle of ThinK Prosecco and ThinK PinK rosé. 

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