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International Women's Day: Women in Leadership

International Women's Day: Women in Leadership

In light of International Women's day, specifically with the theme of “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”, we wanted to share more about our company director and CEO of ThinK Wine Group, Katherine Jones. 

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Katherine is director of two sister companies ThinK Wine Group and We Are Social Nation. The latter is a celebrity/influencer marketing and digital marketing agency. Katherine has spent years in the industry and has an abundance of knowledge regarding marketing. She has seen first-hand how companies have flourished in the hands of influencers and correct digital marketing strategies. After all, she made it happen for them. But a thought crossed her mind; how could she incorporate her knowledge and understanding of the ever-evolving world of marketing, specifically with influencers, and combine it with a business idea of her own?

An idea came from an unexpected place. Due to the environment of her work, she was used to attending events and parties with influencers, business people and prospective clients to work with. A lot of these events offered beverages and food upon arrival and it started to become apparent to her that a healthier version of a luxury beverage wasn't really around, and there was a gap in the market. A question she needed to answer: How can I attend all these events without having to feel guilty about drinking?

Katherine had her eyes set on the challenge of creating her very own beverage that would taste luxurious and celebratory, without the guilty additives and ingredients that came with it. After years of searching, planning, taste-testing and creating, ThinK Wine Group was born. 

In 2019 ThinK's Vegan Prosecco and Pinot Grigio Sparkling Rosé was introduced to the world and was sure to be the go-to drink for every health and sustainability conscious socialite. However, not long after the launch, the world came to an abrupt stand still: Covid-19 had shook the earth.

At a time that could make or break a start-up, independent company like ThinK Wine Group, Katherine and ThinK Wine Group team was able to not only keep ThinK firmly in the forefront of the wine industry's mind, but soar as a company during the pandemic. ThinK has reached impeccable heights as a business, gained huge audiences and a trusty customer base. 

Katherine's determination to not only run one, but two extremely successful businesses during these hard times just goes to show how powerful and strong-willed she is. Despite being in a covid-19 world, both Social Nation and ThinK Wine Group have reached new levels in the e-commerce and marketing worlds, making Katherine a female force to be reckoned with.

We are proud to have a female-owned business. We are proving to the world that women are capable of anything and can thrive when determination takes over.

This International Women's Day theme is aligned exceptionally well with Katherine's achievements and ties in well with Katherine's next big venture in summer 2021 - she will be featured on Amazon Prime's social experiment series 'The Social Movement'. Katherine will be competing to show the world how to change in 4 days amidst a pandemic. 

2021 will be a tough year regarding women as a leading powerhouse in industries. Women are predominantly on the frontline fighting covid-19 - nurses, care workers, cleaners, teachers, community organisers and many more. It's important for us to recognise, as a female-led business, how important it is for women to be respected and unified in times like these. This pandemic has encouraged many people to take a look and really acknowledge how strong women really are. And we couldn't be more proud.

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