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The Heart Behind The Bottle

About Us

Established in 2020, Katherine Jones, the innovative mind behind ThinK, dedicated two years prior to crafting and refining a Prosecco and Pinot Grigio Sparkling Rosé with fewer calories and less sugar, all without compromising on flavor.

Driven by her personal struggle with sugar, Katherine identified a gap in the market for enjoyable, low-sugar bubbly alternatives. Thus, she embarked on a mission to create one for herself and now, for you.

At ThinK, we prioritise quality and taste above all else. As avid Prosecco enthusiasts ourselves, we take immense pleasure in extending our range of reduced-calorie wines to fellow sparkling wine aficionados.

ThinK Wine Group, a recipient of multiple awards and based in the UK, prides itself on its commitment to excellence. Crafted in Italy from premium Treviso grapes, our wines boast a meticulously curated blend of flavours, resulting in palatable wines with a refreshing, revitalising finish, while offering health-conscious benefits.

We take immense pride in sharing that all our wines are 100% vegan and organic, with minimal sulphites. Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering, and we're delighted to announce that ThinK Wine Group obtained B-Corporation certification as of March 2023.

Italy's Finest Treviso Grapes

Our wines hail from Italy and are crafted from the finest Treviso grapes, expertly blended to offer a delightful palate with a refreshing finish, while still upholding health-conscious benefits.

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