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We do things a little differently at ThinK Wine. We love luxury wines and Proseccos. We love juicy plump Italian grapes. We love our planet. And, we love caring for our health-conscious global community of customers.

It’s all about the grapes…

ThinK Wine is the home of luxury bubbles and a deliciously high-quality experience from grape to glass. We’re very picky about our grapes with only the very best making it into each and every bottle. Vegan, organic and reduced sugar and calories – every glass is mouth-wateringly guilt-free.

Who has time for anything but the best wine?

”I have to say I love, love, love these wines – they taste amazing and you would never know they’re low calorie.”


The Exclusive ThinK Wine Range

Proudly producing the finest luxury sparkling wines and Proseccos for consumers that care

vegan wine reduced calorie prosecco
ThinK Prosecco
vegan wine sparkling rosé
ThinK PinK

The ThinK Wine Process

We are relentless in our pursuit of ThinK Wine perfection. One might even say a tad obsessed! Many sparkling wines and Proseccos are blended with high quantities of sugar during the final dosage stages. This is simply not necessary and not the production process for ThinK Wines.

We blend our refined wines with the perfect quantity of hand-picked Italian grapes from our vegan and certified organic vineyard in Treviso – revering taste and your waist.

ThinK Wine exclusively produces two luxury tipples: ThinK Prosecco and ThinK Pinot Grigio, Sparkling Rose.

Both wines are vegan, organic and reduced calories and sugar. But the best bit? There is zero compromise on our trademark quality and superior taste.

We partner with an esteemed vineyard nestled in the heart of Treviso, Italy. Renowned for its culture, arts, history and grapes – the locals respect their roots, preserve their traditions and take pleasure in the simple joys of family, friends, wining and dining.

We care about the wine that we grow, the lands that we cultivate and the legacy we leave for our children. ThinK Wine produces luxury wines that respect our planet, the ecosystem and nature. We proudly observe sustainable viticulture with 100%renewable energy sources.

You can feel the love in every glass.


Discover ThinK Wines

Every bottle is a thing of beauty

Organic Vegan Piccino Sparkling Wine (12x200ml)
  • £72.00
  • £43.20
vegan wine reduced calorie prosecco
Organic Vegan Prosecco (6x75cl)
  • £126.00
  • £75.60
vegan wine sparkling rosé
Organic Vegan Sparkling Rosé (75cl)
  • £21.00
  • £12.60
vegan wine reduced calorie prosecco
Organic Vegan Prosecco (75cl)
  • £21.00
  • £12.60

The Story of ThinK Wine

Our founder, Katherine Jones, was attending many client and influencer parties and noted an issue. As a huge lover of crisp, delicious bubbles, Katherine was less enamoured with their effect on her waistline and busy lifestyle.

Katherine was not alone with this concern and it prompted a delicious adventure to over 50 vineyards before she found “the one.”

Why compromise on taste, your health, or the planet?

Quality is everything to ThinK Wine. It presides over everything we do. ThinKWine is more than just a drink. It’s a lifestyle. It toasts friendship, family, celebrations and memories. But most of all, it toasts you and everything that you do.


”I absolutely love drinking bubbles but as someone who is health-conscious, the excess of sugar and calories in every glass was cause for concern. That’s when I knew I wanted to create my own luxury bubbles with none of the less desirable after-effects. I can now freely enjoy a delicious, guilt-free glass of bubbles and so can you…”

Katherine Jones – ThinK Wine Founder

The ThinK Wine Values

We care deeply about quality, our footprint, good health and the future.

Taste, taste, taste

ThinK Wine was born for people who care about what they consume. Quality flows through everything we do and into every bottle that we lovingly produce. Chic, sophisticated and refreshing – ThinK Wines are a guaranteed extravaganza on your taste buds.

Health Conscious

Other Proseccos deal in extra sugar and calories to make their wine more palatable. This is neither necessary nor health-conscious. We let our luscious grapes do all of the talking and don’t blend with sugars during the dosage. The result is an exquisite, refined glass of bubbles that is low-calorie and low sugar; respecting taste and your waist.

100% Vegan Wines

Increasingly, many consumers are sourcing plant-based alternatives with vegan culture growing at a rapid rate. The clarification process is the driver behind vegan wines. Many wines are clarified using animal products such as fish innards or egg whites. We prefer to clarify our wines with a pea protein extracted for maximum clarity and the crystal-clear bottle that ThinK Wine is renowned for.

Sustainable and Organic

At ThinK Wine, we partner with a family-run certified organic vineyard that operates according to the guidelines of sustainable viticulture. Respecting the environment, the surrounding agricultural lands and a clear focus on sustainability yields not only the best quality grapes and produce, but a happier planet.

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Organic Certified

We are true to our ethics, so we have made sure that not only are we certified in the country of origin in which our wines are made (Italy), we are proudly organic certified with the Organic Food Federation right here in the UK, making sure we abide by UK rules and regulations.

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What do our lovely customers have to say…?

Delivery is always really prompt and once it arrives it goes straight in the fridge so I can enjoy the super tasty bubbles! The pink one is my favourite but they’re both delicious!


Both the pink and white Prosecco are delicious with an extra bonus of being organic and less in calories than normal without losing out on taste.

Dawn Noble

This is my third case from Think. Never disappoints.

Jane Love

Absolutely love this. Ordered a mixed case and it was so lovely i'm definitely going to order some more soon. An added bonus was that i felt quite refreshed the morning after and headache free! 👌😁🥂🍾.. perfect x

C Oldham

I’m on my third order.. customer service was excellent!! And the taste is just amazing 😉 will defo be ordering again!

Stephanie Elsmore

Have to say I love, love , love these wines, they taste amazing, you’d never know they were low, sugar and low calorie by the taste. And that they are organic and vegan too (so much better for you) I feel positively angelic when Drinking it 😇

Chen Clarke

Why not sample a case of ThinK Wine and see?