The Story of ThinK

After years of extensive research and testing, ThinK Wine Group has created two amazing products for the health conscious individual who is interested in quality wine consumption.

Prosecco and a Pinot Grigio Sparkling Rose (ThinK PinK) - both reduced in sugar and calories, and are vegan and organic but best of all there has been no compromise on taste!

ThinK wines are made exclusively for us and are made with the finest Glera grapes in a family run vineyard in Treviso, Italy.

Quality means everything to ThinK! We are beyond proud to bring both of these wines to the UK.


Our Range of Wines

Proudly crafting reduced calorie wines that are light and elegant

vegan wine prosecco and sparkling rosé
ThinK Prosecco
vegan wine prosecco and sparkling rosé
ThinK PinK

The ThinK Process

Making the World’s Best Tasting Prosecco

We have launched the perfect solution, ThinK Prosecco and ThinK Pinot Grigio Sparkling Rose. ThinK Prosecco is a vegan and organic sparkling wine with both reduced sugar and calories. Our wines are made from the finest Glera and pinot grigio grapes from the heart of Treviso, north-east Italy. We have developed a product that is fresh, satisfying and luxurious. Two classic sparkling wines but ‘just that little bit better’

A marriage made in Treviso: Finding the perfect partners.

We have partnered with a highly regarded vegan and organic certified vineyard in the heart of Treviso and it is our pleasure to bring to the public, two reduced calorie sparkling wines; ThinK Prosecco and ThinK Pinot Grigio Sparkling Rosé.

The Vineyard

Part of the celebration of wine is the respect for its origin. We care about the land where our grapes grow; lands that were cultivated by our ancestors and which we will leave for our children. We use 100% renewable energy sources in the production of ThinK Wine. This we are so proud of; the ultimate celebration of nature and its produce.  Our Vineyard’s work takes into consideration the entire ecosystem, respecting its rhythms and supporting nature. Our vineyard is located in an area where its people love their roots, have preserved their traditions and the pleasure of hospitality and socialising, as well as their taste for food and great wine. Our organic and vegan wine is born in a land full of charm and culture.

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Our reduced calorie bubbles are made from our exclusive recipe, not available anywhere else.

vegan wine prosecco and sparkling rosé
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vegan wine reduced calorie prosecco
  • £126.00
  • £113.00
vegan wine sparkling rosé
  • £126.00
  • £113.00
2 x THINK 75 CL
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The ThinK Values


Creating a Wine in Line With Our Principles


ThinK Wine are passionate about quality sparkling wines. In our relentless pursuit of perfection and quality, we strive to continue to research and create sophisticated products to the highest of standards.

Reduced Calorie

Many other Prosecco blends add sugar in the final stages of winemaking called the ‘dosage’ to make their wines more palatable. At ThinK we want our grapes to do the singing so we add significantly less to our final blend. As a result, you’ll enjoy a cleaner, fresher, more delicious, sparkling wine that is ‘that just bit better’!


ThinK Wine is also proud to be 100% plant-based. The clarification process is what causes many wines to not be vegan friendly as they are clarified using animal products, whether that be fish innards, animal proteins or egg whites. We use a protein extracted from green peas to achieve the beautiful clarity our wines display.

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Organic Certified

We are true to our ethics, so we have made sure that not only are we certified in the country of origin in which our wines are made (Italy(, we are proudly organic certified with the Organic Food Federation right here in the UK, making sure we abide by UK rules and regulations.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

See why our customers love us...

Delivery is always really prompt and once it arrives it goes straight in the fridge so I can enjoy the super tasty bubbles! The pink one is my favourite but they’re both delicious!


Both the pink and white Prosecco are delicious with an extra bonus of being organic and less in calories than normal without losing out on taste.

Dawn Noble

This is my third case from Think. Never disappoints.

Jane Love

Absolutely love this. Ordered a mixed case and it was so lovely i'm definitely going to order some more soon. An added bonus was that i felt quite refreshed the morning after and headache free! 👌😁🥂🍾.. perfect x

C Oldham

I’m on my third order.. customer service was excellent!! And the taste is just amazing 😉 will defo be ordering again!

Stephanie Elsmore

Have to say I love, love , love these wines, they taste amazing, you’d never know they were low, sugar and low calorie by the taste. And that they are organic and vegan too (so much better for you) I feel positively angelic when Drinking it 😇

Chen Clarke