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About our Director

Katherine Jones is the founder of ThinK Wine Group and owner of a successful Influencer Marketing agency. Kath studied International Business Management at University which has proven valuable in her entrepreneurial ventures. After spending 1.5 years in Kentucky, USA working for Marriott Hotels, Kath then spent time in Shanghai, China working in Marketing for a start-up US health food company as well as teaching English.


Upon returning to the UK, Katherine worked for multiple large corporations such as Enterprise Rent A Car and MOL before joining a start-up celebrity agency. Katherine helped the agency grow first hand from two members of staff to twenty, before opening her own Influencer Marketing agency. Katherine has used Influencer Marketing to help successfully grow and scale hundreds of brands worldwide over the past 10 years.


Katherine’s love of excellent quality wines, and a search for products which were both kind to her waist and the environment led to the creation of ThinK Wine Group and our range of vegan, organic reduced sugar wines. Observing the results that Katherine's clients were able to obtain using Influencer Marketing and leveraging this experience has helped launch and grow ThinK into an increasingly popular wine brand. ThinK's philosophy is to live 'just that little bit better' without compromising on taste and experience whilst being a lower sugar and better for you wine. It is a reduced calorie, reduced sugar, vegan, organic, 0g carbs and 0g fat Prosecco and Pinot Grigio Sparkling Rose. The perfect health-conscious drink!

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