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How Do You Open a Bottle of Prosecco

How Do You Open a Bottle of Prosecco

Prosecco is a great drink that can be used for a variety of different occasions, both celebratory and casually too.

Whether you are enjoying this popular drink for brunch, on a night out with friends, or celebrating a significant life event such as a career milestone, an anniversary or an engagement party, or perhaps mixing it into Prosecco cocktails - the opening of the bottle can be just as important as the drink itself - especially if you are doing it in front of people. Regardless of why you’re opening a bottle of bubbly, you will want to make sure you look at the part and are doing it correctly.

We have put this article together for you - so if you are not knowledgeable on how to open Prosecco, then please stay tuned for more.


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Getting the Temperature Right

The temperature of your Prosecco has to be cold. Serving a bottle that has been chilled is important due to the foam being minimised and therefore nothing getting split - though stay away from ice buckets because that will cause the Prosecco to be too cold.

Knowing the correct temperature Prosecco should be before opening will allow you to get the serving part right and the opening of the bottle should therefore be done correctly - adding to the overall experience.

If the Prosecco is too cold or too warm, the taste can be distorted - like with any wine, the temperature of the beverage is critical and can impact the drink. Experts recommend storing Prosecco between 12 and 14 degrees celsius.

Prosecco bottles should be stored horizontally like wine and kept in a cool dry place at a consistent temperature and away from light, heat and vibrational movements. You can serve Prosecco at temperatures between 6 and 8 degrees celsius.

Avoid storing in the fridge for too long because the cord will dry out from the lack of humidity and reduce the quality of the seal which will reduce the amount of fizz the Prosecco has in the bottle and therefore become flat.


Popping the Bottle

If you are looking to pop the contents of the bottle in a celebratory way, spraying it everywhere, then opt for a cheap bottle of Prosecco for the best results. Cheap is best in this instance as you will lose half of the bottle and no one will be drinking the foam.

If you want to enjoy the contents of the bottle, however, and not waste it then do not shake the bottle before opening it. Instead, take a kitchen towel and place it over the cork, slowly twisting and pulling the bottle back and forth, holding it firmly and again at a 45-degree angle and away from people. Holding the cork firmly in the other hand is how to open a bottle of Prosecco the right way.


Prosecco vs Champagne

If you have opened a bottle of champagne before you may find it slightly different when opening a bottle of Prosecco, this is because the air pressure is different for champagne and Prosecco inside of the bottle.

There is less pressure in a bottle of Prosecco - 3 vs 4 or 5 atmospheres. The bubbles in Prosecco will be a bit frothier than the bubbles and less fine than champagne bubbles. 

Read more about the different types of Prosecco you can get which can be found here.


How to Pour

You can pour the Prosecco into a glass that is resting on a flat surface, or you can angle the glass to help control the bubbles a bit more, allowing it to hit a larger surface area.

Pouring Prosecco into a glass that is resting flat will require a bit more patience, due to the nature of the bubbles in Prosecco hitting the bottom of the glass which will cause a bit of foam - this is why many choose to pour Prosecco onto the side of the glass on an angle to cushion the bubbles.

If you encounter some bubbles you should let them calm down and the fizz settles - then you can top up the glass. If you want to be extra professional, to ensure the best pour you can try chilling your glasses beforehand to match the temperature of the Prosecco - this will help the bubbles since they are more delicate than bubbles found in champagne.


How Many Glasses Does One Bottle of Prosecco Provide?

A standard 750ml bottle of Prosecco is supposed to provide six glasses of Prosecco - this is providing each glass is 125ml of drink.


How to Keep Prosecco Fresh

After opening the best way to keep a bottle of Prosecco fresh is by storing it in the fridge if you have some left in the bottle. Air slows down the release of gas bubbles making sure the bottle is upright so it doesn’t spill.

Investing in a wine stopper can specifically help sparkling wines keep their fizz once they have been opened. It is advised once a bottle of Prosecco is opened it should only be kept in the refrigerator for 24-36 hours with a stopper.

If you don’t have a stopper a metal spoon or fork can balance on the neck of the bottle - this helps to preserve the bubbles by helping the air inside the bottle to stay cool.


The Benefits of Drinking Prosecco

Prosecco contains antioxidants which have been proven to benefit your blood flow. Many people do not know this but Prosecco is considered to be as healthy for your heart as red wine. Prosecco helps to strengthen the blood vessels and prevent blood clots and it has been said that drinking one to three glasses of Prosecco a week could be good for your memory.

Not only has wine including Prosecco been known to benefit us medically but it has also been proven to have the ability to boost our mood and make us happier. This is not only because Prosecco lovers enjoy the drink, but also because it can release endorphins in our brain.


ThinK Wine

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Whether you are calorie conscious or not, our products do not compromise on taste, so treat yourself to the finer things in life and try our Prosecco today. It will be the perfect tipple to introduce to your friends and family, a real crowd-pleaser.

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