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Top 10 Prosecco Cocktails

Top 10 Prosecco Cocktails

Prosecco is an increasingly popular drink - it is drunk on all occasions throughout the year and is the sparkling wine beverage of choice. It is so popular it even rivals the classic and pricier Champagne.

Prosecco can be found and enjoyed at brunch, dinner parties, Christmas and New Year or even as a casual go-to beverage. Wherever and for whatever reason you like to drink prosecco, you can find some amazing prosecco cocktails in this blog, to give you some great ideas and inspiration. Check out and get inspired by these totally delicious 7 top prosecco cocktails recipes below.


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Pomegranate and Orange Prosecco Punch

This prosecco punch will surely be a favourite with any guests you wish to impress. To make this you will have to:

  • Add mint leaves and pomegranate seeds to an ice cube tray and fill up with water and freeze to make ice cubes.
  • Mix together 250ml of pomegranate juice with 150ml of orange and 50ml of orange liqueur and pour over your ready-made ice cubes in a glass.
  • Add to your glasses 150ml of prosecco and stir. Top with slices of orange and some pomegranate seeds for extra garnish - add some extra mint leaves too if you wish.


Ginger Spritz Soda

If you are willing to give ginger and prosecco a try then here we are with the most fabulous and super easy cocktail recipe to try. All you have to do for this one is:

  • Place peeled ginger slices inside the side of the glasses of however many cocktails you are making.
  • Fill your glasses with ice, and top with a generous dash of Lillet Blanc and add 100ml of prosecco.
  • Top the rest of your glasses with ginger beer and there you have it!

    Pimm’s Ginger Spritz

    We are not done with ginger in this modern take on the class Pimm’s drink. An absolute summer classic is Pimms, let's take it to the next level though with some low-calorie prosecco.
    • Pour 50ml of Pimms and 100ml of prosecco into a glass tumbler on top of some ice and add 100ml of prosecco.
    • Top up with some ginger ale and stir to combine.
    • Finish off with some added mint leaves to garnish.


    Frozen Aperol Spritz

    Let's make this popular prosecco drink even more summery and refreshing by making it iced, to make this delicious drink you have to:

    • Stir together 100ml of prosecco with 50ml of Aperol Spritz along with the juice from 1 and a half oranges and 1 lemon.
    • Heat in a pan 80 grams of granulated sugar with 200ml of water and heat until a clear syrup is formed. Remove from heat and set aside to cool.
    • In a blender, combine the prosecco mixture with a good handful of ice cubes and 2 tablespoons of the syrup mixture and blend into a slush.
    • Pour into a glass and top with some orange slices to garnish - and there you have it!


    Fizzy Apple Sangria

    Make this fresh and crisp apple sangria for a nice summer change to your usual beverage. The dryness of the prosecco in this one helps to even out the overall sweetness of this drink.

    • Pour 250ml of white wine into a pitcher with some apple slithers and leave in the fridge for half an hour.
    • Once chilled, add 250ml of prosecco, stir and then serve.


    Lemon Raspberry Sorbet Prosecco Float

    This is probably the easiest cocktail recipe ever, so if you want a fancy and impressive looking cocktail with a totally refreshing summer vibe all made with minimal effort in a matter of minutes, then this is the one for you.

    • Place 1 scoop of lemon sorbet and 1 scoop of raspberry into glass wine glasses.
    • Pour prosecco over the top of the sorbets - and that’s it!


    Elderflower Bellini

    Put a summer twist on this classic cocktail! In order to do this you have to:

    • Pour 50ml of apple juice and 20ml of elderflower cordial into a cocktail shaker with some crushed ice and shake.
    • Strain into a glass flute and garnish with a mint leaf and a strawberry on the side of the glass.


    Prosecco Alternatives

    Hosting some guests that don’t drink alcohol? Maybe there are some designated drivers in your group - do not fear, feel free to swap out the prosecco ingredient in all of these cocktails for soda water for those people, so they do not miss out and still get to enjoy these delicious cocktails.

    For another prosecco alternative, you can swap it for another sparkling wine alternative, such as our Pinot Grigio Vegan Sparkling Rosé for a rosey twist.


    Calories in Cocktails

    Cocktails are so delicious that they can go down like juice! They can go down so well in fact that we may forget how many calories we are consuming. Cocktails often have a high sugar content from the sugar, syrups and fruit juices. High-calorific drinks can soon add up, not to mention the empty calories that are in alcohol.

    The calories in alcohol alone have no other nutritional value, so our bodies do not benefit from the calories which can be found in alcohol, unlike fruit juice for example in cocktails, which might have high sugar content but also has other added values such as vitamins and minerals from the fruit content in the juice.

    All the calories and sugar in cocktails can leave you feeling sluggish and not yourself. Something you can control in these cocktails is choosing our Think Wine Organic Vegan Prosecco as your prosecco of choice.

    Our ThinK Wine Prosecco is lower in calories with only 62 calories per 100ml and with 0 grams of carbohydrates, our Prosecco won’t contribute to the sugar content in your cocktails too, with just 0.7g of sugar per 100ml - making it ever so easy on the waistline.


    Why Choose ThinK Wine?

    The products we sell at ThinK Wine we are very passionate about, not only are all of our products low calorie, low sugar and low carb - perfect for those who like to enjoy a glass of fizz or two but still like to feel good about themselves whilst be mindful about their calorie intake by choosing a more healthy option.

    The products are ThinK Wine and are also organic and vegan friendly too. We believe that we should all be able to live well without compromising on the taste and quality of our drinks.

    Many people are unaware that wines and sparkling wine a lot of the time are not vegan. A variety of animal products are often used during the process of making all kinds of wines and it is rarely displayed clearly on the packaging of the products, which is extremely misleading to the customer, especially damaging to those who follow a vegan diet.

    Choosing ThinK Wine, whether you are vegan or not, is a more sustainable choice - and in a more environmentally conscious world, choosing ThinK Wine is a more sustainable choice.

    It is not necessary to use animal products in the making of wine and prosecco and we have proved that it doesn’t have any effect on the taste or quality of our wines.

    To help get around these calorific drinks so you don’t end up consuming way more than you intend on, but whilst still having a good time and enjoying cocktails, make sure you opt for ThinK Wine Vegan Prosecco and our ingredients are sustainably sourced.

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