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Organic Prosecco x 6

750ml Bottle

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Description & Nutrition

Vegan and organic sparkling wine crafted with care to offer a lighter, more health-conscious option. Made from premium Glera grapes sourced from the picturesque region of Treviso, Italy, our ThinK vegan Prosecco features reduced sugar and calories while maintaining a fresh, satisfying, and luxurious taste. With its distinctive flavour profile, ThinK Prosecco promises a delightful experience that's simply unparalleled.
: 62kcal per glass*

Residual Sugar: 0.67g per glass*

Carbs: 0g

Grape variety: Glera

ABV: 11%

*per 100ml glass

Simply Stunning

Guilt Free Luxury

Sip and savor the deliciousness of ThinK prosecco, where we've carefully crafted a drink that's not only delightful but also healthier. Compared to your typical glass of prosecco, ours has an impressive 50% less sugar! So, you can enjoy every bubbly sip without worrying about excess sweetness. With ThinK prosecco, you get all the flavor and fun, but with a significant reduction in sugar.

Prosecco Conegliano, Valdobbiadene

ThinK wine is a testament to excellence. Crafted from the finest grapes, handpicked at peak ripeness, each sip embodies centuries of winemaking heritage.

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