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The Importance of B Corp for ThinK Wine Group

The Importance of B Corp for ThinK Wine Group

The Importance of B Corp for ThinK Wine Group

A 2020 survey by GlobeScan found that 73% of global consumers want to largely reduce their environmental impact when shopping, therefore knowing B Corp drinks brands is becoming important to retailers. This is where we come in as a leading company specialising in producing high quality, luxury beverages that allow health and environmentally conscious people, to still enjoy what they love but without the guilt.

Here at ThinK Wine Group, we source, produce, and sell reduced calorie Pinot Grigio Sparkling Rose and Prosecco. We are proud to say our products are also reduced sugar, low sulphites (which means no hangover), 100% vegan and certified organic. It took 2 years to source a vineyard and develop products that would be better for the consumer but wouldn’t compromise on taste.

So, what is B-Corp? How do you achieve it? and what does it mean for ThinK?

Sustainability is of great importance to us and so we understood the value of being named as a certified B-Corporation, which we managed to achieve in March 2023. There are officially 1500 B Corp Companies in the UK, 41 being alcohol specific businesses and we just so happened to be the 21st business in Liverpool to achieve B-Corp, which was a huge achievement for us.

Certified B Corporations are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

To achieve the B-Corp status, our company had to undergo verification by B Lab, a non-profit network with the aim of revolutionising the world of business for the better. The business needed to pass the evaluation by exceeding the benchmark score of 80 to achieve B Corp status. Based on the B Impact assessment, ThinK Wine Group earned an overall score of 86.2. The median score for ordinary businesses who complete the assessment is currently 50.9. As leaders in the movement for economic systems change, we along with other B Corps, aim to build trust with consumers, communities, and suppliers; attract and retain employees; and draw mission-aligned investors.

Younger generations with spending power are becoming increasingly eco-conscious and this is shaping the decisions they’re making and affecting where they choose to spend their money. Gen Z are savvy, eco-conscious and prefer to buy from sustainable brands and are willing to spend more on sustainable products.

ThinK Wine Group want to make sure we are following in the footsteps of the leaders of sustainability and so we made sure our product reflected that. From our 100% recyclable packaging to our bottles that are made from recycled glass that would traditionally go to landfill, we practice what we preach. We also source our wine from a small, family run vineyard in Italy who share the same values. They too, want to shake up the wine world. We, along with other B Corporations, are focused on consistent improvement and really cementing our place within our chosen industry. We are dedicated to development, growth, credibility and giving our customers what they are looking for.

So next time you want a bottle of wine for girls night, an event or even looking to buy a beautiful gift, ThinK is here for you.

ThinK luxury. ThinK lifestyle. ThinK taste.

Head to the B-Corp website to find out more about why your company should be aiming to become B-Corp certified.


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