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The 10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Wine Lovers

The 10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Wine Lovers

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching, and if you don’t start thinking about what you’re going to gift your loved one, you could be left browsing Tesco for a simple box of chocolates.

Although there’s nothing wrong with a box of chocolates, if your partner is a wine lover, you can do much more to tailor your gift to them.

Thankfully, there are many wine-related gifts that are sure to add something special to your loved one’s Valentine’s day. Keep reading for 10 of the best Valentine’s gifts for wine lovers this Valentine’s day!

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1- Personalised Prosecco Bottle

Instead of buying your loved one a bottle of Prosecco, why not buy them a personalised bottle? You can purchase a bottle of Prosecco and customise the label online.

Why not put a nice couples picture of you both, or write the date you met with a sweet message?

You can buy several types of wine and personalise the bottle online, but Prosecco is always a great go-to.


2- Wine Journal

If you’re buying for somebody who takes their wine seriously, then a wine journal is by far your best bet.

It’s a great place to write down any observations about wine, and a way for you to make note of any potential wine and food pairings after experimenting.

In a wine journal, there’s usually space to write about the flavours of the wine, the aromas (primary, secondary etc), the age of the wine, the type of wine, and even the appearance.

However, if you want to save some money and put more effort into the gift, why not make your own? Simply find a beautiful leather journal, and add subheadings onto each page in fancy handwriting.


3- Grow Your Own Grapes Kit

A great gift idea for a wine lover is a grow your own grapes kit. One of these kits comes with everything you need to grow your own red wine grapes.

In a typical grow your own grapes kit, you can find a pack of red grape seeds, a compost disk, a starter plant pot, and a plant marker. This is everything you need!

It will be super rewarding for your partner once their grapes have grown. There should be detailed instructions that tell them how to grow and care for their own grapevine.


4- Wine Decanter

Another quality gift idea for your loved one on Valentine’s Day is a wine decanter. A wine decanter is a container that’s used to serve wine - you simply pour the wine from the bottle into the decanter.

This exposes the wine to oxygen, allowing it to fully release its aromas and flavours. Instead of simply leaving a bottle on the table, your loved one could present a decanter for a more classy and sophisticated feel.

Decanters are usually made of glass, and you can find various different designs. Whether you want to opt for a crystal decanter, a swan-neck decanter, or a duck decanter. In 2022, you can find decanters in all shapes and sizes, making the ideal gift for a wine lover.


5- Wine Thermometer

Temperature is key when it comes to serving wine, but it can be tough knowing the right temperature of your wine, and it can feel like a guessing game.

Thankfully, you can buy a wine thermometer. If your Valentine is a wine lover, they’re sure to appreciate a wine thermometer. This will ensure each and every glass of wine they enjoy will be the perfect temperature, and they’ll no longer have to settle for warm wine.

Most wine thermometers are designed to fit on standard Bordeaux bottles, but you can find wine coolers that can fit Prosecco, Champagne, and other larger bottles.


6- Jewellery

If you’re buying for a girlfriend, wife, or a female that you’re dating, why not get them wine-related jewellery instead of a standard necklace or bracelet?

You can find sterling silver jewellery that features a wine glass pendant, a corkscrew pendant, or even a grape. It’s the perfect gift and accessory - they can wear it with a variety of different outfits, and it’ll definitely be a hit at the next bottomless brunch!


7- Wine Stopper

A wine stopper is an essential wine accessory for wine lovers - so why not buy your loved one a quality wine stopper. This will protect their wine and enable them to store leftover wine instead of pouring it down the sink.

Corks are pretty much impossible to put back into the bottle once it’s been popped, so a wine stopper is a way for your wine to retain its fizz without exerting yourself trying to squeeze the cork back into the bottle.


8- Champagne Truffles

If your partner is a chocolate fan as well as a wine lover, why not kill two birds with one stone and buy them some Champagne, red wine, or rose truffles?

They have a super low alcohol content but taste delicious. However, some chocolates will have an alcohol content of around 12% - although you’d need to eat a truckload to feel the effects.

You can buy some high-quality wine truffles from Hotel Chocolat for around £20, making a great gift this Valentine’s Day.


9- A Wine Cooler

A wine cooler is one of the best things you can get a wine lover. However, they can be costly, with some costing over a thousand pounds.

If you’re willing to splash the cash, it’s certainly worth it. Wine coolers store your wine in the best possible way, considering temperature, humidity, sunlight, and movement.

Some wine coolers even have dual temperature zones, which allows you to store some wine in the long term, and some time in the short term for serving - all in the same unit.

You can find wine coolers in all shapes and sizes, with some storing fewer than 5 bottles, and some storing over a hundred.

The three main designs of wine cooler are freestanding, built-in, and fully integrated. For Valentine’s day, your loved one may appreciate a small freestanding unit that can fit on top of their counter.

For some of the best wine coolers, check out Enofaber’s collection here.


10- ThinK Wine Gift Bag

It’s not just bottles of wine that you can buy from ThinK Wine - you can also buy Think Wine Gifts, which make the perfect gift for wine lovers.

In one of our large gift bags, you can find 3x 200ml bottles of Piccino PinK or Piccino Prosecco, a ThinK Bauble (which makes a great decoration all year round), 2x ThinK Champagne Glasses, 1x Love Lane Lager or 1x Love Lane Pale Ale, 1x Whitley Neill Gin, and 1x Luisa’s Vegan Chocolate or Mooie’s Sweets Fudge.

In our medium gift bag, you can find a 1x Piccino PinK, 1x Piccino Prosecco, 1x ThinK Bauble, 1x Whitney Neill Gin, and 1x Love Lane Lager.

This is the perfect set for your loved one, especially if they’re vegan or are watching their calorie intake, as all of our wine is vegan and low in calories!

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