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Reasons Why You Should Drink Vegan Prosecco

Reasons Why You Should Drink Vegan Prosecco

Enjoying a bottle of Prosecco with friends or family alongside a delicious meal is something many people look forward to.

Whether you go out of your way to avoid animal products being on your plate or not, vegan Prosecco has the same delicious taste as regular Prosecco, without the added disadvantage of animals being used in the process.

If you’re wanting to switch up your wine choices, or have recently adopted a vegan lifestyle, continue reading to find out the reasons why you should drink vegan Prosecco.

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What is Prosecco?

Prosecco is a type of white wine that’s typically produced in the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions and is named after a village in the Trieste province, North-Eastern Italy.

With dominant flavours of peach, melon, pear and apple, Prosecco is a lighter-bodied beverage compared to other white wines. Prosecco has highly aromatic aromas and an array of vibrant tastes, making it one of the most popular alcoholic drinks.

Fermented from grape juice, Prosecco is similar to other variations of white wine such as Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. The only key difference that sets Prosecco and still white wine apart is the fizz.

Often compared to Champagne, Prosecco has some differences. Although we can see similarities, Prosecco is sweeter and has more flamboyant, stronger flavours. Sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France can only be called Champagne legally - which is why the two mustn’t be confused.


Why isn’t all Prosecco Vegan?

You might be surprised to know that many animal products are used by winemakers during the Prosecco-making process. The use of fining agents is the main culprit that makes regular Prosecco unavailable to vegans.

Activated charcoal and clay are two vegan-friendly alternatives to use as fining agents. Milk protein, gelatin, egg whites and fish oil are among the list of ingredients that are used whilst making Prosecco, preventing vegans, vegetarians, and even pescatarians from being able to drink it.


What is the Fining Process?

The fining process helps winemakers remove unwanted elements that can be detected in Prosecco. Although many vintners still decide to use animal products to filter their products, some believe that using them deprives Prosecco of its natural flavours and texture.

At ThinK Wine, we’re passionate about providing top-quality vegan Prosecco to our customers. One of the greatest benefits of our vegan Prosecco is that you’ll never be faced with the difficult decision of whether or not you can share a bottle with friends, as our products suit everyone.

Appearance is key when it comes to Prosecco, and winemakers continue using animal products to prevent their Prosecco from having a cloudy effect. At ThinK Wine, we use pea protein, making all our Prosecco 100% suitable for vegans, and with a luxurious taste and thirst-quenching appearance, what’s not to like?


Benefits of Vegan Prosecco

Although it’s not been proven fully, numerous studies have concluded that wine, including Prosecco, could contain more chemicals compared to regular, non-vegan options. The majority of vegan wines are organic, meaning that the grapes grown in the vineyard have had no chemical interference.

Many people are drawn to the vegan diet because of the eco-conscious lifestyle that comes with it. Vegans have a significantly smaller carbon footprint due to the few gas emissions that are produced in plant-based food.

One of the most rewarding benefits that come with vegan Prosecco is how environmentally friendly is it. Our ThinK Prosecco is fully organic, meaning you can enjoy a drink with complete reassurance that you’re making an impact.


Does Vegan Prosecco Taste The Same as Regular Prosecco?

Animal products used in Prosecco don't contribute anything to the overall taste, meaning both vegan and non-vegan Prosecco tastes the same. As time has evolved, more people are accommodating animal-friendly choices in their life.

With as many as 19 million people being plant-based as of 2022, vegan wine alternatives are proving to be more popular by the day. The chances of you trying vegan wine in the past and not being able to notice any differences are highly likely.

If you’re vegan and need to know if your Prosecco is vegan, then make sure to check the label thoroughly. Although it can be time-consuming, checking the ingredients means you’ll be able to see if any animal-derived products have been used.

That being said, if a company does decide to make their products vegan, they will let people know about it by displaying a verified vegan label on their bottle, which concludes that their products have been checked.

In conclusion, regular Prosecco and vegan Prosecco are vastly alike. Avid wine drinkers tend to prefer unfiltered, vegan wine due to its strong flavour and inviting aromas - something that decreases when animal products are used.


Food Pairings that Go With Prosecco

Often enjoyed alone, Prosecco doesn’t need food to help amplify its flavours. Prosecco isn’t commonly paired with food, as people usually accompany various food dishes with the likes of Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay.

That being said, Prosecco pairs excellently with fresh fish and crustaceans. Tuna, sea bass and flounder are the best types of fish that go hand-in-hand with a flute of refreshing Prosecco, as well as a selection of sweet delights such as pastries and cakes. An easy way to decipher whether your Prosecco can be paired with certain food or not is by checking its sweetness level.

The different levels of sweetness are the following:

  • Extra Dry - Very sweet
  • Dry - Sweet
  • Brut - Medium dryness
  • Extra Brut - Least sweetest Prosecco
  • Brut Zero - Least sweetest Prosecco that’s hard to find outside of Italy

The sweeter the Prosecco, the better it will pair with dessert-like treats. Extra brut and brut zero work best alongside savoury food and general food pairings that don’t contain much sugar.

If you’re not vegan, we still suggest trying vegan Prosecco. Both vegan and non-vegan meals can be enjoyed with Prosecco and other selections of wine, such as rosé and red (e.g Syrah or Cabernet).

Although Prosecco is best paired with fish, shellfish and white meat such as chicken, it also goes well with white rice, steamed vegetables and fresh, crisp salads.


ThinK Prosecco

Instead of taking a risk with a wine from your local Tesco or Morrisons, check out ThinK Wine - a wine you can trust is vegan. Our ThinK vegan and organic Prosecco is not your average wine - it’s the perfect beverage to sip after a long week.

Whether it's a gift, or simply to enjoy by yourself, our ThinK Prosecco can be bought as a singular bottle or in cases of six and twelve. Even though Prosecco is typically drunk on occasions such as New Year and Christmas, our positive customer feedback proves that it can be enjoyed all year round.

With only 62 calories, 0.5 grams of residual sugar and zero carbs per 100ml, our Prosecco can still be drunk regardless of whether you're on a diet or not. Here at ThinK, we’re proud to announce that we’ve won various awards for having excellent products, including the Glass of Bubbly award in 2021.

If you aren’t ready to commit to a full bottle of ThinK vegan Prosecco, why not browse our collection of minis? The mini collection consists of 200ml bottles of both our Prosecco and sparkling rosé, allowing you to get a taste of both and decide which you like best, but we’re certain you'll enjoy both!

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