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Discover the Prosecco Revolution

Disover Low Calorie, Low sugar, organic and vegan friendly wine made from the finest Pinot Grigio grapes from the heart of Treviso, north-east Italy

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Guilt Free Luxury

Our premium Prosseco & Sparkling Rosé is tailored for those mindful of their health yet still seeking luxury. With reduced sugar and sulphites, enjoy every glass without hesitation, waking up refreshed the next day. Join the majority of our customers who report waking up hangover-free.

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Italy's Finest Treviso Grapes

Our wines hail from Italy and are crafted from the finest Treviso grapes, expertly blended to offer a delightful palate with a refreshing finish, while still upholding health-conscious benefits.

We take immense pride in sharing that all our wines are 100% vegan and organic, with minimal sulphites. Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering, and we're delighted to announce that ThinK Wine Group obtained B-Corporation certification as of March 2023.

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Hear from Our Customers

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